What is Electroforming?

Electroforming is defined by the ASTM B8 Committee as: “The production or reproduction of articles by electrodeposition upon a mandrel or mould that is subsequently separated from the deposit.”

Electroforming originated at the time that electricity was discovered in the early 19th century. Professor B.S. Jacobi of the Russian Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg is credited with this discovery in 1837 / 1838 through the electroplating of copper on an engraved copper plate which he used as a cathode in a copper sulphate solution.

In recent years, the capability to reliably make precise atom-for-atom replicas on a mould surface through electroforming has made this process increasingly important in the production of metal parts on a micro and nano scale and for injection moulding dies with micro and nano features for the production of micro-structured plastic surfaces.

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