Quality, safety, health and environmental assurance is managed in accordance with the Deming circle / PDCA cycle, whereby we constantly strive for improvement.



  • Etchform supplies in accordance with EU Directive 2011/65/EU ROHS II.


  • Etchform observes the “Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of CHemicals” (REACH) regulation.
  • Etchform is a downstream user and complies with the specific obligations that this entails.


Conflich minerals

  • In case Etchform supplies products containing conflict minerals it is our policy these to be DRC conflict free.
    Point of contact for this will be Johan van der Kraan.



  • Etchform makes every effort to deliver error-free products.
  • However, should there be any deviation then we must be notified of this in writing within 14 days. The following must be indicated in this notification: the product in question, the order number and packing slip number as well as the quantity of products affected and a clear description of the deviation.
  • Immediately after receipt of the products in question, these will be inspected and the findings and corrective measures will then be communicated back to you in writing, for which we use the 8D method.
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